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let´s follow the cops back home
and rob their houses

The stages of learning.
i don´t know that i don´t know.
i know that i don´t know.

Argentina ignorance is the second one. Internet is fucking everywhere, University is public, and free. Ingnorant women are choosing to keep their daughters ignorant even though they KNOW that they don´t have to be. they don´t know that having daughters who know things will greatly improve their lives, and the lives of everyone else.
i´m exhausted by everything. how the fuck can i live in this without exploding?
i should learn more things

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muse is coming to cordoba! wtf?!

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Kill for fun, it's fucking funny don't you think?: A picture Show.

say goodbye to your morals, you threw them out the chicken bus window a few months ago. and there's no looking back- you're doing this.
   i feel like a fucking weapon, a bomb ready to go off. it doesn't matter who you are, or what your family situation is. as long as you're
in the right place/right package at the right time. I've been programmed to gain points every time you look at me. Only eighty more stars
and I win the game. Thats all this entire fucking place is... a game. Who gives a shit if I smoke or who I fuck? It's only a goddamn game anyways.
Nothing is real because that word doesn't exist. The therapists say this is a path to destruction... I say it's a path to the truth.

  the more i think about it, the le
target practise is mexicoss i care about who gets hurt in the end. we're all going down the drain. You're out there murdering 'rebels'
in the name of BULLSHIT. i just want to hear my blood pound. i want to fuck UP and stand on the edge of the system. eventually i'd like to fall off.

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a girl needs a gun these days
Hey on account of those rattlesnakes

If I had a gun, there would be a few people who would die first.  Women can be a real gun shot to the head - it's as if you need to claim territory and make me feel too small to fit. As if there aren't enough spaces for all of us. Is this where your superiority complex comes from?  I am not a child, you are not my teacher. People were right, you are a malicious conceited asshole.
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infuriated infuriated
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To Learn How To Quit

A decade of songs runningintoeachother, at 3am from the glare of the computer screen. A decade isn't so long, you remind me over and over again. But is the space between you and me (question mark/period) You love and hate me so.

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For the words of the profits
Are written on the studio wall,
Concert hall ---
Echoes with the sounds...
Of salesmen.
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We were thrown out running, we were all so young
We were frozen over, and bent like wire
I watched the shadows break through a hole in the wall
I never made a sound,
until they lit the fire.

Pull me close with arms of steel, put me in my place.

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